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The famous HOOTERS PANTYHOSE that we all seen worn by waitresses all over the USA are not HOOTERS brand. They are PEAVEY brand. A second brand that comes up close is the TAMARA brand. Both brands are shiny, silky, smooth and a great addition to anyone's legs. Comfortable too with great support and durability. That of course is secondary to their sexy look.

These pantyhose are the authentic PEAVEY brand that men love to see and women love to wear!

The footed or un-footed support pantyhose has an incredible shiny sheen that makes legs look so sexy!

Waitresses at the Hooters restaurants, cheerleaders, dancers and sexy people seek out this style of smoothing leg wear. These waitresses and hostesses wear overall a very sexy uniform when at work and hosiery is a compliment to that outfit. Durability is the key and will hide blems plus last much longer as well in all types of work environments.

Amazing how great these pantyhose, not stockings or nylons are. Pantyhose can make so many different outfits look sexier and greater than going with bare legs! Sheer to waist design with a small cotton crotch or no gusset at all (suntan only) are a great find. Sheer to waist a favorite with short shorts or skirts.

Great for exercising, dancing or under pants for that slimming effect! Size A and B run small so buy the next size up when possible.  The ‘nude’ color is darker than ‘light beige’ (considered nude) Light Beige = nude and Nude = Almost Beige

If you are looking to purchase pantyhose that look like Hooters Pantyhose or Hooters Tights, you have come to the right place – we do not carry Hooters brand pantyhose, we just refer you the same brands (Peavey Hosiery and Tamara Hosiery) wear to buy that are used by Hooters waitresses to tighten, smooth, and give their legs that perfect golden sheen.

Pantyhose, Tights, and Leggings for your Size and Style Peavey, Tamara, Leg Avenue Hosiery for Men and Women!

Hooterspantyhose.com is your ultimate referral source for referrals of the premium brands of pantyhose, tights, and hosiery worn by NFL Cheerleaders, High School Cheerleaders, Roller Blade Girls, Hooters Waitresses, Cocktail waitresses, professional dancers, and other people who get paid to look smooth, good and sexy. Featuring premium pantyhose brands like Peavey, Tamara Hosiery, Leg Avenue, and Casino Wear Hosiery. Activewear from Augusta Sportswear, Cobblestones Activewear, Decoy Sportswear and more. From activewear to evening wear, under night gowns, to bed under any lingerie, with Daisey dukes / shorts and if you want your legs to look good, Hooters Pantyhose has you covered.

Hooters Pantyhose truly is the best online source for women’s active wear and dance hosiery. For any occasion including aerobics, ballet, bartending, cheer/leading, dance, fitness, modeling, pageants, professional & executive business attire, skating, track & field, volleyball, waitressing and more.

Especially hosiery for Halloween and party costumes and Cosplay Pantyhose.

Hooters Pantyhose now proudly offers referrals of costume tights and pantyhose for cosplay and or date noche. Our cosplay piece suggestions are not officially endorsed and are simply sexy and fun, affordable ways to bring your favorite fictional characters, heroes, and villains to life. Have a sexy costume for parties or make your next cosplay super accurate for going to conventions. All our referral costume tights and pantyhose and “O” pantyhose for easy date night access, are fashionable, dependable products you can wear again and again. Great value.

 Follow Hooters Pantyhose cosplay pantyhose guides to find easy, DIY Halloween or convention costumes. Some of our popular costume hosiery include:

Supergirl Costume Tights, Harley Quinn Thigh Highs, Wonder Woman, Princess Leia Pantyhose, Captain America Tights, Elsa Fashion Tights,Hooters Pantyhose and many Asian characters such as Aina InoriHana Otome ni Shukufuku, Aina MatorazuKegareta Eiyuu . It is important to note that although sales of hosiery is growing in the US many Asian countries and eastern European block countries sales have never decreased and embrace the daily participation of wearing hosiery.

Get your perfect Halloween costume suggestions from Hooters Pantyhose. Dress as your favorite superheroes and villains, comic book characters and movie icons with quality costume tights and pantyhose. Keep your legs warm this October as you strut your stuff in a stylish costume.

Look for discount Hosiery Sales - Best Price, Best Quality all over the web.

From footless tights for cheer-leading to sheer nylons for a night out on the town, Hooters Pantyhose is top quality pantyhose, nylons, tights, thigh highs, anklet socks, and more. Get covered no matter what your hosiery need. For Leg Avenue pantyhose, Tamara, or Peavey nylons, Hooters Pantyhose is your ultimate online referral source for top hosiery brands.

Offering great group discounts and the highest quality pantyhose products, Hooters Pantyhose has satisfied customers across the USA showing wear when and how to buy great hard to find affordable pantyhose. Our devoted pantyhose customers return to Hooters Pantyhose for all their hosiery links for two simple reasons: the great price and the best quality available. Add a pair of quality Tamara, Peavey, or Leg Avenue pantyhose hosiery to your wardrobe and experience the difference quality pantyhose nylons can make in your everyday attire. See the difference of attention one receives when wearing quality hose over poorly constructed and cheap materials hosiery available at discount stores.

Shop by Pantyhose and Hosiery Brands, Peavey - premium quality pantyhose to enhance the natural look of your legs.  Tamara Hosiery - durable showgirl quality pantyhose with added strength and durability. Leg Avenue - glamorous pantyhose hosiery enhancing confidence and sexy looks. Casino Wear Tights - wear the same tights and pantyhose hosiery as casino girls and sports bar waitresses.       Cobblestones Activewear - sports bras and athletic shorts for cheerleaders, dance teams, and Hooters waitresses. Dolfin - the infamous orange Hooters shorts look great with a pair of quality Peavey pantyhose. Jockey - comfortable, long lasting nylons reinforced for durability. Augusta Sportswear - best quality and most popular sports bar tank tops. Decoy Sportswear - soft, comfortable activewear tank tops for dancers, waitresses, bartenders and you. Even main stream hosiery companies and products found at your local grocer can suffice when in a pinch. Top line Hanes and Leggs pantyhose never disappoint.

Plus, look for referrals for no name pantyhose that really is not only very affordable to buy and wear but have the same look and durability of those which cost so much more.